About Us

We have revitalized this website in order to help understand the long term effects of ecigs. Over the next 2 years we are embarking upon an unprecedented study of ecigarettes whose aim is to understand this often misunderstood product. We will be looking at various brands of ecigs, and breaking them down to their molecular levels so we can get a picture of what consumers are ingesting into their bodies when they vape. There are many companies out there looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting consumers, as well as cash in on the ecigarette craze. One of the more concerning items we have witnessed is that some of the more unscrupulous companies are keeping the voltage of their ecig very high. This allows for higher heat transfer rates, which in turn causes the user to get a much higher dose of nicotine than they would normally. This has been proved to be unsafe and unhealthy by various medical studies. The majority of these companies hail from China. However, due to the internet it is possible for someone to purchase a huge lot wholesale and then in turn sell them on an ecommerce site such as Amazon or eBay. The majority of the big brand name ecig companies (such as Blu or V2 or even Vape Happy) produce safe and reliable products. “Safe” in the sense that they don’t have the same safety issues as the fly-by-night companies from China do. “Not safe” in the sense that there is still a lot we do not understand about e-cigarettes and that could lead the consumer into a false sense of security. What we do know for a fact is that the majority of harmful chemicals found in a normal cigarette are not present in an ecig. Such chemicals are formaldehyde and ammonia were not found to be present in any of the big major brands. However, recent studies by WebMD have confirmed that there are trace elements of heavy metals in ecigs. This could be the result of a chemical process when the nicotine is ignited at temperature.

In conclusion, we need to see more data before we can make any conclusive statements. This is an ongoing project and our subjects will be updating this site as our studies come to any new conclusions.