Construction of eCigarettes

The New England Journal of Medicine released a report in 2015 that said certain ecigs may contain more formaldehyde than regular cigarettes. By intelligent design, ecigs are supposed to be safer than regular cigarettes. But when you vape a certain way, a chemical reaction occurs that changes seemingly innocuous chemicals into dangerous formaldehyde. The study suggests that vaping at high voltage can be more dangerous than vaping at low voltage.

Before we go any further, it is important to understand how an ecig works. The majority of the operate in the same fashion:

      1. The “eliquid” as most companies call it is a liquid that consists of water, nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and various flavorings (for taste).

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3. A battery provides the power to a vaporizer (much like the humidifier in your home or office) and the eliduid is instantly vaporized created a cloud of what is essentially water vapor.

4. The vapor cloud is inhaled into the lungs by means of the user sucking on the ecigarette device (much like they would take a normal drag off a cigarette).

5. The nicotine that is contained within the vapor cloud that was released from the device finds its way into the lungs and bloodstream of the user.

6. The nicotine travels up the central nervous system to the brain, where dopamine kicks in and pleasure is granted to the end user.

The act of vaporizing the liquid is done by means of a battery that is connected to a rapid heating device. Depending on the voltage (how much power is drawn from the battery), you can control the relative strength of nicotine in the vapor cloud. So the study is claiming that when operated at high voltage, formaldehyde is created via a complex chemical process. Some ecigs allow the end user to control the voltage. Other, more unscrupulous manufacturers may increase the voltage to unsafe levels at the factory, and then refuse to warn or inform the end user of the exact voltage used in the device.

Most of the major ecig companies like V2 and Blu (which you can buy over the counter at such drug stores as Walgreens) carefully monitor the voltage of their devices and try to stay compliant with any recent scientific studies that are published. While the study comes from a reputable source (New England Journal of Medicine), the American Vaping Institution is crying foul.

They claim that the study is flawed in the sense that the amount of voltage required to create formaldehyde is above and beyond what you would find in a normal ecig. They say that the study is a scare tactic. There currently is a huge debate going on inside the vaping community, and a quick Google search will produce many websites and forums that discuss the topic in great detail.

While the study is preliminary, we feel that the overall takeaway is that you should stick to purchasing your vaping materials and devices from reputable dealers and manufacturers. Just because you find a website selling an ecig that costs substantially lower than what you find at a normal vape shop, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Furthermore, the majority of these devices are created in China, where there are no regulatory boards or commissions that are set up to ensure public safety. The name of the game in China is “profits” and they do not care about the health and well-being of the average American consumer.

For this reason we will not be reviewing or promoting any companies that are fly-by-night. As long as you stick to the regular big brand name companies, at least you know what you’re getting. They have a reputation to maintain, and in the multi-billion dollar ecig industry, reputation is all that they have to go off of.