New e-cig regulations for V2 in 2016

It was recently announced by the Customs and Monopoly, the consumer tax on introduction to electronic cigarette liquid, equal to 0.37344 euro per milliliter. The tax was calculated by AAMS second technical equivalence which is objectively incomprehensible to anyone with a brain that can think. This is almost like they want to run electronic cigarettes like V2 cigs out of business.

What do you say to this equivalence? You have to compare 1 ml of liquid (that’s incredible, that too without nicotine) 5.63 conventional cigarettes but the masterpiece is in the conclusions. According to the Agency of Monopoly, the fee is calculated on the liquid consumption time. They determined that a cigarette is consumed on average in 37.91 seconds. Accordingly they have deduced that the average time for the liquid consumption for electronic cigarette is equal to 213.59 seconds. Hence the determination of equivalence in charge as if you were using a V2 electronic cigarette as a normal and dangerous traditional cigarette.
What is the result? A 100% greater impact on the current retail price. If you use a V2 coupon, then you realize the best chances for savings.

The questions are manifold: first, because the definition of equivalence is made by monopolies. It might be logical if they intended for the electronic cigarette liquids such as tobacco substitutes, but how do you sustain such a thing since V2 ecigs place themselves in opposition to smoking, and how many studies have shown that they help to stop smoking? How do you allow a price increase of a product that has so far proven harmless and an effective help for the fight against smoking, especially if compared to the cigarette that certainly causes fatal diseases? How do you define an increase in proportion to traditional cigarettes of a product that doesn’t have a spread even remotely comparable to that of smoking?

We ask the lords of Monopoly (who decide on a product that is NOT under monopoly, remember) what is the scientific standard for the measurement of a (presumed) equivalence between traditional and V2 electronic cigarettes? In fact, this standard does not exist, since the products differ very much. What the Monopoly did was, in short, was to make an equivalence between 1 kg of chocolate and 1 kg of spinach.

We ask then what is the logic of taxation for non-liquid containing nicotine? Once again the Italian State is a tribute to the tobacco lobby. This fee will be periodically revised. We ask that equivalence is reduced, and not a little. We ask to be re-thought the unacceptable policy of treating substitutes like the V2 ecigs exactly like tobacco products. We ask that liquids without nicotine are not taxed.