Reduce your guilt by using V2

I used to say, please, enough with these electronic cigarettes. Enough with the confusion that you are creating around this subject, adding to the misinformation. I ask, unrepentant smoker that I was, until the end of my days.

When I started smoking, about 15 years ago, cigarettes were divided into only two categories: hard and soft. The age of those without a filter already belonged to the past (the smoked my grandfather and called them “national”) and they were very few people who had discovered the magical world of maps and tobacco. I remember that the first pack I bought was red Amadis and I paid 3,800 lire. All stolen from the brisk winter jackets pockets of my mother and from bags that were left around the house. I did not have any money at the time, but already was brewing in me a decent feeling with the smoke. This was where I started smoking. I wish there were V2 ecigs promo codes back then. It would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars.

My wanting to smoke had nothing to do with that story of feeling great, or even worse, of wanting to be accepted by the herd. “Those are lame bullshit”, I thought. No, I liked smoking. I chose right. And I knew that the addiction would not die soon, but that to me I would be stuck with it for a long time, although everyone seemed to be firmly convinced of the contrary. “You’ll see” – they told me – “that there will come a day when you realize that you’re throwing your money and your health in smoke. Literally. And then the taste sucks.” But no, to me the flavor did not suck at all, indeed. It made a lot more sense than the stench of smog I breathed as I turned the streets of my neighborhood, backpacking, to get to school every morning. If only I had found V2 cigs with their wide choices of flavors to choose from.

Today has not changed much, look closely: the stench of smog is still more disgusting to me than that of cigarettes, although I must admit that indoor air cannot stand people who smoke. When acrid smell clings to clothes, then I become a beast and I look forward to wash it off. Tjis is something that doesn’t happen with V2 electronic cigarettes. I have my limits, therefore, despite the years I have gained a nickname like “Chimney” that says a lot about me.
A couple of years ago, this new cigarette made its appearance in the world of tobacco users, the greatest invention invented by man after the car and television: the V2 electronic cigarette. It has leaned in the life of the modern smoker with languid temptation, relying on what is the greatest weakness of compulsive tobacco consumers: guilt.

The sense of guilt for not being able to say no to something that kills us and those around us; the guilt for the money spent each day in a pleasure that will ultimately destroy us; the sense of guilt for having become slaves of something we do not know, but we know for sure will kill us, and that will do it in a slow and painful way. We’re so heavy smokers: vicious and spoiled and we will not be frightened by the large letters written on the packets, or from sheets of damaged lungs that run on the network. We smoke and just, regardless of all those invitations from friends and family that quitting can save our lives. At least with the V2 cigs, you are taking a step back from almost certain death.