V2 or Tobacco cigarettes?

Quitting smoking is a great way to improve health, regardless of age and the years in which you have been smoking. The statistics regarding smoking are incredible (12% of deaths worldwide are attributed to cigarette smoke) and the numbers, unfortunately, are increasing in frequency.
Quitting smoking is important to improve health, improve our appearance and save money. Here are 10 good reasons to quit smoking:

1. PERSONAL HEALTH – Those who smoke have a risk of dying before age 65 of 25%. Quit, even after 65 years, it means increasing life expectancy. You can achieve the same thing by switching to electronic cigarettes like the V2 ecigs.

2. CANCER – Smokers are greatly at risk of developing cancer. In particular, the most common is lung cancer, but there is risk to other organs such as the bladder, colon, esophagus, liver, larynx, mouth, tongue, pancreas, stomach, trachea and bronchi.

3. APPEARANCE – Smoking accelerates the skin’s aging process, increases the hoarseness, the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and cheeks and causes a yellowing of teeth enamel. All these effects are reduced or eliminated if you use V2 ecigs.

4. FINANCIAL SAVINGS – V2 is known for their allowance of coupons, v2 discount codes and promo codes that result in significant savings. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by purchasing in bulk from V2 ecigs.

5. ISSUES IN MEN – By virtue of the effects on the circulatory system, smoke is strongly linked to the problem of erectile dysfunction. In smokers, the risk of impotence is amplified by 40% and damage also affect semen quality, in terms of mobility and sperm count.

6. LUNGS – The poison contained in cigarettes is deposited in the lungs, causing the closure of the bronchioles and the consequent collapse of the alveoli. Furthermore, it causes the destruction of the mechanism of self-cleaning of the lungs favoring the appearance of chronic bronchitis. A greatly reduced nicotine content and the absence of tar from smoking makes V2 ecigs a healthier option.

7. PROBLEMS IN FEMALES – The female smokers who regularly take the pill undergo heart attacks and cardiovascular problems, compared to a non-smoker. The risk of breast cancer is 400% and for pregnant women. Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage and can cause growth retardation and mental development in infants.

8. BRAIN – should not be underestimated even damage to the brain. Several studies have shown that smoking causes damage to the brain blood vessels and affects the oxygen supply to the brain, leading to the deterioration of brain function.

9. TASTE AND SMELL – Quitting smoking also means improving the taste and smell. The flavors and smells are more intense and improve the appetite. V2 ecigs due to the method of delivery does not impair your sense of smell or taste.

10. HEALTH OF OTHERS – Stop smoking for the sake of those around you. Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more affected by respiratory problems and cough and asthma, have an increased risk of ear infections and tonsillitis. In addition, exposure to secondhand smoke, increases by 30% the chances of developing cancer. The vapor made by V2 ecigs does not carry and thereby the effects to other people is minimal.